Banshee Bones


In this epic series finale, death boils down to a crown.

While Cy may not have the life she’d always dreamed of, she’s secured the final jewel in the crown of a life she’s meant to have. A life filled with meaning, love, and a badass job. When death drags Cy back home, all of that is threatened.

Now, she must decide who is more important. A mother who never loved her or a people who have no else to turn to. A forgotten god just might be the key to healing this high-stakes family drama. Or it could be the death of them all.

Banshee Bones is the sixth and final book in the series of six snarky, urban fantasy novels. If you like Annette Marie and Linsey Hall, you’ll sell your soul for this epic tale that has a cast of unforgettable characters who you’ll be rooting for until the white-knuckled end.

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