Blood Veil


Hell is coming. This time she’s the only one in their way.

Cy’s debt to the goblin god is cashed in way sooner than she’d imagined when the floodgates to Hell open. No matter how much Cy wishes she were Indy, a leather jacket and a whip won’t cut this epic catastrophe.

Blood runs fast when vampires come calling, and what happens in a remote part of New York doesn’t stay secret for long. Deadly masquerades and vampire scandals prove actions have consequences. Can she and Sven pull off the trick of a lifetime? Or would they both pay with their lives?

Blood Veil is the fifth in the series of six snarky, urban fantasy novels. If you like Annette Marie and Linsey Hall, you’ll sell your soul for this epic tale that has a cast of unforgettable characters who you’ll be rooting for until the white-knuckled end.

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