Death Charmed


Betrayal left a mark…

              …but Cy still wanted to do what’s right.

 But who was the real enemy?

The moment she was kidnapped and hauled back to the world of the Fae; she knew her mother pulled the strings. They wanted to change her. Was it out of fear at what she might do?

 A grotesque gift and a threat…

            …steels her resolve.

 She knew that to move forward, she must, metaphorically, slay the demons of her past and let it go. There were just two problems. Some demons are real, and She can’t fight alone. He isn’t her first choice, but Anthony is the only one Cy can turn to for help.

 Can she trust him?

You’ll love the second book in the series, because the stakes are higher than ever, and Cy must stay true to her beliefs to survive.

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