Gilded Fae

They were supposed to care…

 …but then they turned on her.

Why should she save the ones who betrayed her?

Cy was a lot of things, bounty hunter, bad ass, private eye, and a Faerie Princess. The last fact, though, she hated. It’s why she left for the human world. Five years in New York City was enough to build a life. Or more accurately, leave the Fae behind.

Then Sully, her boss, gave her a new case.

 Nobody realized why the murder was different…

…except Cy. She knew the victim was Fae.

It was her job. Cy had to start digging, but she didn’t want to get pulled back into her old world. She could sense her life was about to head in a new direction. Her gut said something was horribly wrong. When she met Sven, things changed. He wasn’t just a vampire; he could help.

Was this murder the tip of the iceberg?

You’ll love this first installment in this Urban Fantasy series. The twists keep you guessing, and the characters grow in ways you can’t imagine.


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