Goblin Cursed

It only takes one bad decision to land you exactly where you don’t want to be. Cy knows this all too well...

   ...but what happens when your worst option is your only option?

Scarred by a traitor, burned by love, Cy had lost her ability to trust anyone. But when her best friend dies, Cy virtually loses herself altogether.

Who, or worse, what does she become?

A desperate search...

   ...A point to prove. 

Cy may move mountains to find an elusive master of disguise, but how far must she go to find the girl in the mirror?

With the Goblins out for her neck and her sanity dangling by a thread, Cy is running out of options. One road may lead her smack into the jaws of those bloodthirsty fiends, another may land her right in the arms of a traitor she once loved.

But which one will lead Cy to her true self?

The third installment in this urban fantasy saga dives deep into the mysteries lurking inside us all as Cy is forced to exhume the devils buried inside her.

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