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Erica Reeder

Enchanted & Screwed, The Complete Six Book Bundle

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Crowns and blood collide in this epic tale of magic, love, and secrets that proves even the most lost of us can find family.

Cy Vanguard is a faerie princess who turned her back on all things enchanted five years ago when she left the faerie realm. Sure, her sex life is deader than a decapitated vampire, but at least she is respected as a bounty hunter and private dick. But that becomes leakier than a porcupine's umbrella when faeries start popping up everywhere they shouldn’t be. Talk about annoying, especially when they’re dead.

Then a drop-dead gorgeous vampire, the mortal enemy of all of the fairies, sweeps into her life and Cy is slapped in the face with the fact that she might be done with faerie, but faerie isn't done with her. Blood runs fast when vampires come calling, and what happens in a remote part of New York doesn’t stay secret for long. Deadly masquerades and vampire scandals prove actions have consequences.

Back in faerie things spin out of control and Cy must decide who is more important: a mother who never loved her or a people who have no else to turn to. A forgotten god just might be the key to healing this high-stakes family drama. Or it could be the death of them all.

“Smoking hot” , ”Laugh out loud” … “More than I imagined it would be” , "You HAVE to read it” - Amazon Reviews

Ignite your imagination with the Enchanted & Screwed series, where you'll join a princess coming into her own with no shortage of sassy attitude, love at first sight, betrayal, a second chance romance that will curl your toes, and magic that will entice you into believing that even the most lost of us can find family. If you like Annette Marie and Linsey Hall, you’ll sell your soul for this epic tale that has a cast of unforgettable characters who you’ll be rooting for until the white-knuckled end.