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Erica Reeder

Book 3: Goblin Cursed

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The bones are calling. And when the goblins come, there’s no place to hide.

Scarred by a traitor, burned by love, Cy has lost her ability to trust anyone but herself. But even that is called into question when a fabulous voice pops into her head.

Throwing herself into a case seems like the perfect way to solve her problems until goblins start popping up everywhere. And they want something she can’t give. It’ll take more than a supernatural whack-a-mole to get rid of them. They’re about to prove that goblins are the ultimate curse.

Goblin Cursed is the third in the series of six snarky, urban fantasy novels. If you like Annette Marie and Linsey Hall, you’ll sell your soul for this epic tale that has a cast of unforgettable characters who you’ll be rooting for until the white-knuckled end.

Grab Goblin Cursed to get your vicarious badass fix now!