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Erica Reeder

Book 4: Never Bound

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Opening a door shouldn’t mean death. But when portals to the Never show up, the killing starts...

Just when she’s getting used to being home to a fabulous, goblin God, Cy Vanguard gets pulled into another realm by a big, not-so-friendly giant. If she was lucky, he’d want to feed her to his boss. Instead, the head honcho has much scarier plans: interdimensional world domination, with her at the helm. 

But Cy doesn’t have time for his dictator nonsense. She just found out she’s the one who opened the floodgates to the Never. Magical creatures are spilling into the world. Her being one of them. And they’re destroying entire cities with a single pull of magic.

Cy has two choices. Leave the doors open and put the entire world in jeopardy. God awful, right? Why would she even consider that?! Stop judging, there’s a very good reason! Every second there, magic is devouring her body. Literally. Makes more sense, doesn’t it? Told you. What’s behind door number 2? Fix her screw-up and close the doors because she’s the only one who can. Then, she can sleep like a deaf troll under a bridge. That is, if she can manage to stay alive. Being a reformed bad faerie princess, turns out there really is no choice at all. Now, she’s in a race against time. Can she close the portals? Or will magic destroy her?

Never Bound is the fourth book in this series of snarky, urban fantasy novels. If you like Annette Marie and Linsey Hall, you’ll sell your soul for this slow-burn, portal, urban fantasy. The cast of unforgettable characters will have you rooting for them until the white-knuckled end.

Grab Never Bound to get your vicarious badass fix now!