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Rapunzel Large, Heavy Tote

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair...I don't think so.

You are your own woman of power. You don’t need anyone to save you, thank you very much. Now, that Rapunzel cut her locks and climbed down the tower to save herself, she's proven she's a strong woman to be looked up to. That means she's a perfect way for you to show the world that Rapunzel isn't going to be stuck in a tower any longer and neither are you. Cut yourself loose from expectations and save yourself in this cute and edgy design that is sure to draw compliments from your friends.


  • With over 100 hand-picked words of empowerment, you will imbibe the spirit of a badass Queen every time you sling it over your shoulder
  • Feeling trendy and responsible in a tote that is not only smart but has you written all over it.
  • Pride at sporting an 100% organic totes, because even a good-looking Queen can support the environment
  • Multi-functional! You can carry your books by Erica Reeder in it. You can even carry your books by OTHER authors in it! See? What did we say? Multi-functional!
  • Like your favorite dress, it comes with pockets! Except these ones are internal!
  • Increased confidence knowing YOU are the stylish one. Take that, Elsa.

DON'T BELIEVE IT? JUST THE FACTS (*cough* Product Features):

  • 100% Combed Organic Cotton
  • Large Street Tote Bag
  • Internal Pockets
  • Fabric: Canvas weave
  • Fabric Weight: 10.03 oz / 340 g

  **This product comes in a kraft paper mailbag. We use ‘World’s First’ Kraft paper alternative to plastic polythene mailing bag. THE most eco-friendly kraft mailbag on the market. Printed using plant-based, up-cycled inks and do not contain any animal products!

For environmental and human-friendly reasons, this product is only made when you order it. Typically, this product will be made in about a week, however please allow 3 to 6 weeks due to Covid, for it to be made and we will send you tracking information as soon as it's in the mail.