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A Cozy Witchy Midlife (With a Side of Murder)

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No more living a life where everyone else calls the shots. Moving back to her hometown, she rediscovers what it means to be alive with a long-forgotten magic and a drizzle of hot, gooey murder mystery.

Back aches and acid reflux are the least of Iris' midlife witchy worries. She’s stacked against a sentient long john bent on turning the town’s tastes to the gourmet and a gun-turned cat who gives the new meaning to the term hair-trigger. When a murder is added to the cauldron and her drama queen sister is the number one suspect, things really start to bubble over.

A rule (or ten) isn’t about to stop this 43-year-old from uncovering a scandal so delectable it gives devil’s food cake a run for its money. But it’s bubbles, bubbles, toil, and trouble, when Iris’ fritzing magic takes a turn nobody dreamed possible.

Juggling her newfound powers while wading through enough clues to make a seasoned detective scratch his head, the game takes a deadly turn. Now, it’s a race against time to find the killer before her own death isn’t one by chocolate.

Gilded Fae ebook Epic Urban Fantasy

Enchanted and Screwed

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A crown written in blood is about to take down the entire faerie realm.

Cy Vanguard is a faerie princess who turned her back on all things enchanted five years ago when she left the fae realm. Sure, her sex life is deader than a decapitated vampire, but at least she is respected as a bounty hunter and private dick. But that becomes leakier than a porcupine's umbrella when faeries start popping up everywhere they shouldn’t be. Talk about annoying, especially when they’re dead.

When a drop-dead gorgeous vampire, the mortal enemy of all of fairies, sweeps into her life and Cy is slapped in the face with the fact that she might be done with faerie, but faerie isn't done with her. Now, she has to choose. A people who never accepted her? Or fiery love and the death of everything she knows?

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